Sunday, September 16, 2012

Get off my blog, Perry.

I'll address this to the other imaginary readers, when I know Perry's the only one reading it.

So Perry is this guy in my group of friends who is, to be blunt, a creeper.
He Google stalks everyone in our group for no apparent reason, which makes him more creepy.

Yesterday, he found out about the existence of this blog. I trust that since then, he's been on an epic quest to find me.
Which shouldn't be hard because he knows my Google account name? but if he'd found it by now I bet he would have said something.
Also he doesn't know what I use for a blogging platform. If he thinks I have a tumblr, well, sucks for his search.

The thing is, Perry knows I don't like him.
So I don't want him reading my blog. I mean, it's like my diary now, and he has no sense of privacy.

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