Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I went to hang out with Kyle today. We had a whole evening together planned.
Then his friends (well also my friends, really, but they're closer with him) called up and invited him for a night out drinking.

I could have gone, they did invite me, but I had shit to do. But I still got my time in bed with Kyle and I got to have dinner with him.
of course the dinner was with Logan hanging around and they were talking about con stuff I'm not supposed to know about...

can I just say though, I've suddenly stumbled into having a place in the brony fandom. I'm dating one of the council members of Bronycon. And I...am not sure if I can say what else I'm doing. No one reads this blog. but just in case.

But yeah. it's cool having a spot. Maybe I'll eventually get to the point that people know who I am? Probably not. But I get to know some things before other people.

Not that I'll tell you.

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