Friday, June 15, 2012

Long day

Things that happened today:
1. work
2. sat in traffic for an hour and a half
3. pony karaoke
4. pass out in exhaustion
5. not think about Mike. this makes it a good day.

Anddd I forgot to do an article thing yesterday, so here's one now:

Laura Jane Grace may not be a name you recognize. But maybe you have heard of Tom Gabel, lead singer of Against Me!
They’re actually the same person.
Tom Gabel has recently come out as transgendered, and plans to live her life as a woman. She’s hoping that her fans will accept her, and she plans on continuing to make music.
And it seems that so far, the fans don’t have a problem with her announcement. Comments from the fans are generally supportive, even if they sometimes use the wrong pronoun.
“good for him for being honest wish u a happy life Tom Gabel I love him”
“More power to her, that's some brave s--- right there.”
“Other people going through similar situations need to know they're not alone. “
The president of GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) has said, “Tom is displaying extraordinary courage by coming out as transgender after already establishing herself as a rock star. For many of the band's fans, this may be the first time they're actually thinking about transgender people and the bravery it sometimes takes in order to be true to yourself.”
So what this situation comes to is that no one is angry with Tom for her decision. No one is offended. Her fans, many of whom do not understand what it means to be transgendered, support her and wish her the best.
Her brave announcement has proven that people can accept what society has long deemed unacceptable. Views of transgendered people are changing, and hopefully soon everyone will understand and accept them.

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