Saturday, June 16, 2012

Somtimes I don't like being a girl.

Went to a brony meetup today. Only girl there.
This is not an unusual thing.

What was unusual was some of the guys were blatantly staring at me the whole time. Sometimes at my chest, sometimes just staring at me like "why is a girl here?"

It was uncomfortable and so I left early.

I don't want to be one of those girls who whines about being objectified and then turns around and asks for attention because of her looks. I'm not doing this to you, imaginary readers, because you don't know what I look like. But I do like to be thought of as pretty, and honestly, a subtle glance at my chest would have been kind of flattering.
But being stared at is just creepy. Tell me I'm pretty, fine. Wild sex fantasies about me? Sure, just don't let me know about them. Undressing me with your eyes when I'm stuck in a room with you and not stopping when I'm clearly skeeved out? NO. (unless you're Mike, but if you've read any other blog post here you know that won't happen.)

Other brony guys are great. Just not the ones today.

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