Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Work and stress

Here is a list of all I am currently working on:
-my actual job
-2 paid writing jobs (which I am so glad I've got but they do take time)
-working for my dad whenever he needs me to
-Lyra cosplay
-Celestia and Luna cosplay
-mane 6 gala dresses cosplay
-another cosplay that's a secret
-painting a Rainbow Dash on a camera case
-voice acting
-videos of myself singing for my youtube account
-cleaning out my basement
-a puzzle
-planning when I can go to meetups
-cooking dinner a few times a week
-creating a pony-based game
-this blog

Yeah, so my life would be a lot less busy if I wasn't working on anything pony related, but then that wouldn't be fun, would it? Seriously, most of my friends I now know through ponies.

but it's just a lot to do in what feels like absolutely no time.

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