Thursday, August 16, 2012


Cramps suck.
Cramps mean I have to work 7 hours in pain, come home and do more work in more pain.
Yoga helped slightly, and yay exercise, but OMG CRAMPS.

Cramps, and the accompanying nasty period, do mean one very important thing, however: I am not pregnant!
So yeah, yesterday's blog can be 100% ignorrrred

Tomorrow is Pi-Con! All weekend is Pi-Con!

and then Saturday/Sunday is seeing Mike again. I don't have a plan to see him, but I know he'll be there and it's a small convention.

I hope I don't cry.
...I'm going to cry.

I did love him. I can't honestly say now that I don't, but it's different. Kyle is the guy for me now, and I'm really happy with him. But Mike was important to me, and I do miss him. It will be undoubtedly hard to see him again.

I've been emailing him and it's been okay. But idk how seeing him will go.

That's maybe why I'm so stressed lately.

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