Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Today I went to work and it was long and it sucked.

Then went shopping for a bit. I like shopping, it's fun. It's an expensive habit unfortunately.

Then visited Kyle. He gave me a massage because I was dying in pain, and it felt so good. We cuddled and watched TV.
it was weirdly like how I used to be with Mike. Down to the same TV show we used to watch together, actually. American Dad.
But it didn't feel anything like how it was with Mike. with Mike it was familiar and comfortable and a bit boring. with Kyle, every part of my body that touches his is electrified and I pay more attention to feeling his heartbeat and his breath than I do to the show.
That sounds weird now...
but the point is, Mike was background for me. I liked him being there, but he could have been replaced by any warm body to snuggle with.
Kyle is Kyle. He's irreplaceable.

came home, tried on my costume again. I'm a pretty pretty princess!

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