Monday, August 13, 2012

Bad bad bad day

I don't feel like going through all this again, I'll just copy/paste what I wrote to Kyle.

[5:43:33 PM] just.steph: I'm gonna talk at you anyways. I cried at work today.
[5:44:18 PM] just.steph: I have one manager who I hate working with because he doesn't even try to talk to me. He gets my attention by snapping his fingers and then just kind of waves at whatever I'm supposed to take care of. And then he yells at me when I inevitably mess up whatever I was doing because I didn't understand him in the first place!
[5:45:43 PM] just.steph: and then I get home and try to work on my stuff and my computer breaks. it's an easy fix but I made the mistake of whining in mane chat and that set off Perry, and that is why I'm now gone from there.
[5:46:52 PM] just.steph: and on top of this, I feel fat today. doesn't help any.
[5:48:55 PM] just.steph: and there was a bit of good news-my article for a website people have actually heard of was accepted with minimal corrections. I can keep writing for this site and get paid up to $50 per article. it's really worth it. but among all the crap, it feels like even if I told people about this, no one would care.

Of course, Kyle hasn't responded to any of this. because he's tired from his own long day. I understand that and I'll let him be without bugging him any more than all that up there. but it'd still be nice to get a bit of sympathy from him. or from anyone.
instead my parents just ignore me because I'm apparently whining and they can't stand to listen to me.

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