Thursday, May 24, 2012


Since it's Thursday, here's another article for that stupid website that I worked for a week for didn't accept.
There's a lot of 'for's in that sentence. huh. Called the new 4chan by some, called not quite as big a cesspool as 4chan but has some funny memes by others.
So what is it? Basically, 9gag is an image sharing site. Users post funny pictures, which get comments and likes. If an image is good enough, it goes from the voting page to the trending page to the hot page. It’s the goal of many users to get their images on the hot page.
The jokes on 9gag are not politically correct and not family friendly. The jokes are often misogynistic, and sometimes homophobic or racist. On the other hand, there are often pictures on 9gag which show beautiful places in the world, detail acts of kindness from random people, and share interesting information. These posts tend to be so good that they’re worth all the bad jokes.
And let’s be honest, sometimes the misogynistic jokes are pretty funny. (but I will be clear here that I speak for myself and not all females)
9gag is the site that raised the popularity of Nutella and introduced the world to Extremely Photogenic Guy. Posters on the site spread awareness of SOPA and PIPA and helped stop these acts. Among all the sometimes offensive jokes, the 9gag users are in general good people who have changed the world in small and big ways.
If you haven’t checked out 9gag yet, you should give it a try. It’s addictive and you can spend hours on the site without noticing. But remember: 9gag is just for fun.

and news about me? Got my McDonald's job back, and I have another community theater audition tonight. Things are looking good.

But I really feel like crap. Today is one of those days that it just hurts so bad. I know bad days will happen, and good days will happen, but that doesn't console me during a bad day.

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