Monday, May 21, 2012

still in pain

this pain from the hiking just won't go away.
Just like the pain in my heaaart

No I don't want to be that dramatic. My legs and shoulders just hurt a lot.

Today I got a prize from a contest that I'd entered a long time ago. Or I should say, I got the package for the prize. It was empty.

My day hasn't gotten better since then.

So in my attempt to bring structure to my whining, I think I'm going to share a random (read: one that I've favorited at some point) website or page on Mondays.
That totally makes sense, right? It doesn't seem like I thought of it thirty seconds ago?

First one:

I never made these, but I always wanted to try.
I also never watched Dexter. Tried watching the first few episodes with Mike, but couldn't really get into them. It's an interesting premise, though. I did like the books.
But I haven't read the 4th one because I was borrowing them from Mike.

I really hope we can get to the point where I can borrow books from him again.

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