Friday, May 18, 2012

what to do today?

Today I did a job interview that went really well and I have a good feeling about it.
Then again, I've thought that before.

In an attempt to gain some structure for this blog, what should I talk about on Fridays?
My normal Friday activity is play some video games, but my Wii is broken and tbh I don't have any other consoles. I'm not much of a gamer.
According to the internet, this makes me less desirable than other girls who are gamers. But according to the internet, girl gamers always play their games totally naked and are somehow incredibly skinny despite playing so much they wouldn't realistically have time to exercise.

So I could talk about games I guess. I am addicted to DrawSomething.
Add me. ghostlyhamburg.
I was trying to put in ghostlyhamburger but it got cut off.

On the Mike front, he emailed me today.
I like when I'm reminded that he doesn't hate me. But I miss him so much.
I really thought I was getting over him before this email. It took a lot not to beg him to take me back when I replied.

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