Friday, May 11, 2012

Broken tooth

Last night my tooth fell out.
To be clear, the crown of an implant fell out. Yes, I have a fake tooth.

Went to the dentist today to get it fixed. Wasn't really a problem, but the cement tastes bad and bleh.

I haven't cried (yet) today over the boy, but I just can't stop thinking about him.

I'm starting to realize that maybe I can love someone else, eventually. Not yet, but no one expects me to get over a 2 year relationship in 2 weeks.
Then my worry becomes: will anyone ever love me?
I thought it was a miracle that Mike ever liked me. I do have such low self-esteem that a large part of me feels like I'm not worthy of being loved. I'm not good enough. I felt like this long before I'd met Mike, and now I'm going to feel the same way for probably a long time again.

I can get used to being single, but I had this brief shining moment of being truly happy. I won't feel like that ever again.

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