Monday, May 28, 2012

Back to work

First day of work today.
It wasn't long. 3 hours.
But idk when I'm going back. I saw the schedule and it looked like I'm on there for tomorrow, but when I left, I was told don't come back till Friday.
I asked specifically "not tomorrow?" and was told "no, you're not on till Friday".
I did all I could to make sure and yet I'm still scared I'll be pulled in tomorrow, yelled at for not coming in when I was scheduled.


oops, forgot to mention a random website I have bookmarked because I was totally going to do that every Monday.

I'm only around the Northampton area while I'm in school, but I don't want to stop hanging out with awesome bronies while I'm there.
Although really, the Boston brony group is cooler.

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