Sunday, May 27, 2012

Avengers & Renaissance Faire

The Avengers was as fantastic and awesome as I was expecting it to be.
After seeing it, I wanted to text Mike and tell him the ending, solely to piss him off.
I'd made him promise since September that he would see this movie with me. And then he didn't because he apparently can't stand me now or whatever, I don't even know what he thinks.
I know he seriously hates spoilers, so that would have really gotten to him.
I didn't do it though. And it wasn't because I wanted to spare his feelings or anything, but I just realized that getting him mad at me wouldn't accomplish anything. I really do want to save our friendship. Even if seeing him upset would make me momentarily happy, it would not end well.

The Renaissance Faire was also great. I spent so much money though.
Annette (friend I went with and stayed with) and I planned on wearing costumes but it just was way too hot. We looked at the weather, realized it was going to be 80 degrees, and went uhno.

We saw a rat circus show which was actually pretty good. If Cirque de Sewer is at your local ren faire, take time to see it.
We played a game with darts and both failed miserably.
Then we got quintessential Ren faire food--turkey legs! and only finished like half.
Tried some archery. I used to be pretty okay with archery when I was a kid at summer camp, but I haven't done it in years. I got right back into it and got a bullseye though, so I could probably be pretty wicked with a bow and arrow if I had to be.
We walked around shopping for a while, and a woman pulled us into her stall to let us try on corsets. Not uncomfortable, but very boobtastic. Or as the woman described it, I had a 'shelf'.

I got a tarot reading and it was creepy accurate. The guy reading it didn't know me at all and I told him nothing, but still the cards apparently said that I had been recently influenced by a guy about my age with blond hair and blue eyes.
Mike's hair was a dark dirty blond and his eyes were more bluish gray, but still, that was creepy close.
According to the reading, he's out of my life.
And in like 6 months to a year (probably more around a year, since there was a card of "finishing a period of learning"--graduation?) I will find some new guy who will 'influence' me. Brown hair and blue eyes. I might know him now, or I'll be meeting him soon.
And with this guy in my future, I will be "fulfilled emotionally" and my life will be in balance.
I don't want to wait a year to get that, but it's nice to think it'll definitely happen.
besides, I may be with this guy long before that, and only really feel totally happy with him later on. Can I get laid earlier? that'd be nice.

I bought some jams that were delicious, and got a sundae which was so nice when it was so hot out.
We saw some more shows--a pantomime which was pretty funny, and a magic show which was pretty simple tricks but very well executed.
Then we left, and it was good timing because it started raining.

Then we went on to a mall and went on a shopping spree. I flirted with a guy at a bookstore. it was really fun to flirt again without feeling guilty.

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