Friday, May 25, 2012

Today is a hard day (and short break)

Everyone who blogs tells me taking a single day off will kill the blog and now no one will read it.
No one's reading it anyways, so...
I'm going to a renaissance faire tomorrow. it's out near western mass, and I've been there with Mike before.
Now I'm going with a friend who lives in the area.

Today is like yesterday. One of those days where it's just so hard to move on. I keep thinking maybe he'll show up at the faire and say he wants me back.
but I know, he won't.
He does know that I'm going. He wanted to go to the faire too, so I told him which weekend I was going so we could avoid each other. So I guess if he really wanted to, he could show up...but I know it'll just hurt me more if I think like that.

tbh right now I just want someone. it doesn't really have to be him, even though that would be great. being alone is sad.
maybe there'll be a cute guy at the faire. who knows.

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